Who We Are

A Message from the Texas Clean Energy Coalition

The TCEC supports a clean energy economy in Texas based on affordable and reliable clean technologies including energy efficiency, renewable energy and the broader use of natural gas as a way to help Texas achieve its full economic potential in a manner that is available to all Texans.

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation has supported the creation of the Texas Clean Energy Coalition (TCEC) to bring new voices from leaders in the faith, business, African American, Latino and economic development communities into the state policy discussion of clean energy such as renewables and natural gas and energy efficiency.

We at the TCEC believe it is important for Texans from all walks of life to work together to enhance Texas’ economy by positioning our state as the world leader in the new clean energy industry – not as a replacement – but as a complement to our traditional leadership in the oil and gas energy industry.

As the global leader of the traditional energy industry, Texas has enormous technical, financial and educational expertise in energy exploration, production and marketing. Now is the time to harness our state’s expertise and our can‐do attitude to ensure that we emerge as the leading clean energy economy in the United States and the world. Doing so will create additional jobs and economic growth for Texas, secure an affordable and reliable domestic energy supply and ensure opportunity for future generations of Texans.

We support a range of policies that position Texas as the global leader in clean energy – natural gas, wind, solar, biomass, etc. – as aggressively as possible, and we want to help. Contact us to share your ideas or to learn more about our efforts.