Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Texas Clean Energy Coalition is committed to enhancing Texas’ economy by positioning our state as the world leader in the new clean energy industry as a complement to the traditional oil and gas energy industry leadership.

We support a clean energy economy in Texas, based on diverse clean technologies including energy efficiency, renewable energy and increased use of natural gas and other clean fuels, as a way to help Texas achieve its full economic potential in a manner that is affordable and available to all Texans.

We recognize that even though an investment in clean energy will pay big dividends in the future, there are some costs that must be paid up front. Clean energy policies must include provisions that utilize or enhance existing protections for those Texans with the least ability to bear the brunt of these costs on their own.

The Texas Clean Energy Coalition sponsors original research on the impact of clean energy and energy efficiency on the Texas economy, and highlights outstanding new research by others.

We at the TCEC believe it is important for Texans from all walks of life to work together to enhance Texas’ economy by positioning our state as the world leader in the new clean energy industry – not as a replacement – but as a complement to our traditional leadership in the oil and gas energy industry.

As the global leader of the traditional energy industry, Texas has enormous technical, financial and educational expertise in energy exploration, production and marketing. Now is the time to harness our state’s expertise and our can‐do attitude to ensure that we emerge as the leading clean energy economy in the United States and the world. Doing so will create additional jobs and economic growth for Texas, secure an affordable and reliable domestic energy supply and ensure opportunity for future generations of Texans.

We support a range of policies that position Texas as the global leader in clean energy – natural gas, wind, solar, biomass, etc. – as aggressively as possible, and we want to help. Contact us to share your ideas or to learn more about our efforts.


Our Goals

EDUCATE our fellow Texans and support a state energy policy that will increase use of renewable energy and clean fuels like natural gas and improve energy efficiency policies while creating a business climate that creates jobs and economic development for the benefit of all Texans.

ENGAGE new voices in discussions about clean energy and energy efficiency policies and include the priorities of all Texans including the business, faith, African American, Latino, labor and economic development communities among others.

SHIFT the conversation in Texas about the new energy economy and clean energy policy to focus on competitiveness, economic development, job growth, energy security and Texas’ continued energy leadership for the long term.

SUPPORT continued innovation as the key to maintaining our leadership in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors, just as innovation has enabled Texans to lead the traditional energy industry.