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The American Conservative: Texas's Free Markets Light the Way to Clean Energy March 7, 2018

Houston Chronicle: Rick Perry's dirty coal deal January 9, 2018

McAllen Monitor: COMMENTARY: Coal subsidies are bad for Texas' economy January 7, 2018



Odessa American: GUEST VIEW: Keep the Texas Energy Market clean December 30, 2017

San Antonio Express-News: Taxpayers shouldn't subsidize failing coal December 27, 2017

Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Why coal subsidies are bad for business December 25, 2017

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Coal subsidies derail the Texas clean energy market November 30, 2017 Wind Booms, Coal Suffers in Oversupplied Texas Grid November 1, 2017

Commonwealth Club: Texas Surprise (podcast) April 25, 2017

CGMF Blog: The market-driven transition to Texas-produced clean energy, Part 2 March 7, 2017

Governor's Wind & Solar Energy Coalition: Editorial: Market forces are driving clean energy March 2, 2017

San Antonio Express-News Editorial: Market forces are driving clean energy here February 28, 2017

CGMF Blog: The market-driven transition to Texas-produced clean energy, Part 1 February 28, 2017

US News: Rick Perry's Green Energy Story January 19, 2017



EL&P: Texas-Size Ambition: How ERCOT Can Handle Renewables December 26, 2016 

Dallas Morning News: Where could Trump go to find an example of a GOP-led clean energy plan? Texas December 9, 2016

GenerationHub: Texas clean energy group issues coal plant shutdown analysis December 7, 2016

In The Wind: U.S. windpower surpasses 75 gigawatts and Americans love it September 1, 2016

San Antonio Express-News Editorial: Surprise! Texas is a leader in clean energy August 21, 2016

RTO Insider: Brattle Study Sees ERCOT Continuing to Rely on Nat Gas, Renewables May 23, 2016

PV Magazine: Report: Texas will add 13 GW of solar PV by 2035 May 19, 2016

Texas Tribune: In Texas, Market Forces Driving Shift From Coal, Study Says May 17, 2016

Amarillo Globe-News: Area stuck in middle of fight over clean energy May 12, 2016

Texas Tribune: Survey: Texans Support a State "Clean Energy" Plan May 4, 2016



PRI: The 'green' Tea party fights for a more environmentally friendly GOP April 11, 2015



Forbes: EPA's Clean Power Plan: Texas' Last Stand or Last Hope? August 27, 2014

Utility Dive: Texas could meet EPA emissions target through demand response and energy efficiency alone June 30, 2014

GreenTech Media: How Texas Could Easily Meet New Carbon Regulations June 24, 2014

Houston Chronicle FuelFix: Report: New efficiencies could ease strain on power markets June 3, 2014

San Antonio Express-News: Report: Texas can cut power demand growth by half June 3, 2014


2013 Texas Clean Energy Coalition Report Provides Incentive For Renewable Energy December 20, 2013

Green Mountain Blog: Renewable energy, natural gas growth on the Texas grid December 19, 2013

Into The Wind: New analysis sees strong future for renewables in Texas December 13, 2013

North Sea Bioenergy: Experts Predict Bright Future for Renewable Energy and Natural Gas in Texas December 13, 2013

Austin American-Statesman: Gas, renewables will provide state's future electricity needs December 10, 2013

Your energy blog: Natural Gas & Renewable Energy: Future Energy Sources? June 19, 2013

Breaking Energy: Gas and Renewables are Complementary Generation Fuels, For Now June 14, 2013

EDX: Renewable energy could team with gas, report says June 13, 2013

Pew Charitable Trusts: In Energy Giant Texas, Natural Gas Won't Push Out Renewables June 12, 2013

Scientific American: In Texas electrical grid, natural gas and renewables complement each other June 12, 2013

E&E News: Natural gas, renewable energy will power the future Texas grid -- study June 12, 2013

Houston Business Journal: Natural gas and renewables key to Texas' electricity future June 11, 2013

Penn Energy: Natural Gas and Renewable Energy: Friends or Foes? June 11, 2013



UT Texas Water Study (October 8, 2012)

Environmental Research Web:  Fracking to extract shale gas less water-intensive than Texan coal mining October 29, 2012

Fuel Fix:  Switch from coal-fired power plants saves water October 23, 2012

Platts:  Texas' gas-fired power generation uses less water than coal October 12, 2012

Star Telegram:  Natural gas beats lignite in water use, study says October 11, 2012

EnergyBiz:  Texas report highlights water benefits of coal-to-gas switching October 10, 2012

State Impact Coverage:  Why Less Coal in Texas Could Mean More Water For a Thirsty State October 10, 2012

KUT:  Switching From Coal Power Saves Water, UT Report Says October 9, 2012


UT National Water Study (September 20, 2012)

Christian Science Monitor:  Water delivery system makes up 12.6 percent of US energy consumption November 1, 2012

Environmental Leader Coverage:  Water ‘Directly Responsible’ for 12.6% of US Energy Use October 4, 2012

Consumer Energy Report:  Water Delivery Accounts for 12.6 Percent of U.S. Energy Consumption October 31, 2012

Times Record News:  Report links energy consumption, water use October 31, 2012

San Antonio Express News:  Study: Water takes more energy than lighting October 30, 2012

Washington Post:  13% of U.S.’s Energy Goes to Collect, Prepare Water October 30, 2012

Bloomberg:  13% of U.S.’s Energy Goes to Collect, Prepare Water October 30, 2012

Business Week:  13% of U.S.’s Energy Goes to Collect, Prepare Water October 30, 2012

Fuel Fix:  Study: Water takes more energy than lighting October 30, 2012

Chairman’s Blog:  Electricity use for water nearly 13% October 30, 2012

Western Stability and Pollution Prevention Network:   Study: Water takes more energy than lighting October 30, 2012

Water World:  New UT report sheds light on nation's water-energy security goals October 30, 2012

Forbes: To Conserve Energy - Conserve Water October 17, 2012

Scientific American UT Austin: Over 12 percent of all U.S. energy consumption is directly related to water October 2, 2012


Former Coalition Chairman Kip Averitt

Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E) News RENEWABLE ENERGY: Solar leaders hopeful on Texas incentives July 20, 2012
Clean Energy Authority  The Lone Star State Should Take a Deeper Look at the Sun June 20, 2012
Solar Energy Industries Association - Report Shows Solar Energy As a Solution in Texas to Address Summer Electricity Challenge June 19, 2012
New Brattle Group Report Shows Solar Energy as a Solution in Texas to Help Address Summer Electricity Challenges June 19, 2012
Solar Novus Solar Cloud Smooth Summer Electricity Spikes in Texas June 19, 2012
Clean Technica More Solar Power in TX Could Save Consumers Over $520 Million, New Study Finds  June 19, 2012
Telegram Averitt: Dire warnings from Texas utilities overstate impact of new EPA rule Oct. 18, 2011

Midland Reporter-Telegram: New coalition seeks to boost jobs in clean energy sector February 9, 2011


Hamilton Economic Impact Study