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TCEC Guide to the Issues 2015 -- Summary of Key Research:  Natural Gas and Renewables in ERCOT
This paper summarizes a series of three independent, Texas-specific research studies released by TCEC in 2013-14.  The research analyzes how clean energy from natural gas and renewable energy, combined with expanded energy efficiency and demand response programs, could contribute to a cleaner, more reliable electric grid for Texas, and how this development might be affected by market and policy factors.

TCEC Guide to the Issues 2015 -- Large-Scale Battery Storage for Clean Energy: Is Now the Time?
One way to address the fact that wind and solar intensity varies over a 24-hour period (since the wind in West Texas usually blows harder at night and the sun only shines during the day) could be using large batteries to store excess renewable energy until it is needed. This paper summarizes a new report on the potential benefits of installing 25,000 dinner-table-size batteries around the state, and looks at some pros and cons.  

TCEC Guide to the Issues 2015 -- Solar Power in Texas
Renewable resources like wind and solar power are already generating a significant amount of electricity in Texas, primarily due to rapid growth of wind generation. As the cost of solar technology continues to decline, a recent analysis from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas forecasts that solar power will make up an increasing share of the Texas renewable power grid.

TCEC Guide to the Issues 2015 -- The Water-Energy Nexus
One of the best ways to save water is by making our electric grid cleaner and more efficient.  In addition to reducing carbon emissions and other forms of pollution, electricity from natural gas, wind and solar power uses significantly less water than the old coal-burning plants that powered Texas in the past. This paper explores this dynamic relationship between energy and water, known as the water-energy nexus.

TCEC Guide to the Issues 2015 -- Should Texas Consider Exporting Clean Energy to Other States?
Texas has always been an energy leader, and our leadership continues in the new clean energy economy.  With our abundance of natural gas, wind and solar power, is it time for Texas to consider letting other states buy electricity made from Texas clean energy?



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